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Nut free Sesame Seed Cubes/Fudge

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Raw Rhubarb Cheesecake Pops~


Bilder, instruktioner och chokladrecept!


Puss o kram!


♥ ♥ ♥



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Recept till The Enzyme cake~

Se receptet här,


Ha en underbar påsk!



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Valentine's Cake recipe!



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Pear brownies and a wake up-call-health exam

Hi Sweethearts!

I'm back again after a bit of a processing. Last week I went to see Dr. Jörgen Åswärd in Uppsala. He's a blood expert, a medical doctor and a naturopath. He holds lectures in biochemistry and nutritional medicine. He's been in the health movement since his teenage years, and been a force behind the health development here in Sweden.

He had a look at my blood, urine and sent some…


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For glowing skin... More dessert eBook update

This is what the Purple Cheezecake looks like after some "artistic" impulses. It is full of skin-boosting ingredients.. To help winter-tired skin to retain it's glow again. But I do suspect that the veggie juices Im drinking now, full of beta carotene (vitamin A) is doing some heavy magic as well..… Fortsätt

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Dessert Ebook update; Lime Pie, irish moss and a little cute swedish story about a meteor shower

Love for Lime is not a crime.
It's the essence of having a moment of pure pie…

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