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Open your Heart cake

Hej sötisar! Vill du ha receptet på denna skapelse så finner du det på bloggen.

Den har en kakbotten med smak av gammal klassisk kladdkaka och en smälter-i-munnen-hallonfyllning. 


Ha en toppenfin sista dag i mayakalendern i morgon, fredag ;)

Puss o kram!

/Karolina Eleonora

Love raw 



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Raw Rhubarb Cheesecake Pops~


Bilder, instruktioner och chokladrecept!


Puss o kram!


♥ ♥ ♥



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Valentine's Cake recipe!



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For glowing skin... More dessert eBook update

This is what the Purple Cheezecake looks like after some "artistic" impulses. It is full of skin-boosting ingredients.. To help winter-tired skin to retain it's glow again. But I do suspect that the veggie juices Im drinking now, full of beta carotene (vitamin A) is doing some heavy magic as well..… Fortsätt

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Spicy chocolate ginger cheezecake

The previous weekend I had a really old dream come true. I've been waiting for this 20 years or so.. And now, finally I can enjoy this glory! (Im a slow moover, like an ambushed reptile, patiently waiting for it's pray.. And then - Snatch!) I got myself a horse!...… Fortsätt

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Volumptuous cake and life update~

Dear Fellow friends! *blowing the horn* It's autumn... The time of glowing creativity, sparkling love snuggled up in a sea of cushions, filling nurturing food and a time to stay extra centered. We've been talking about sacred geometry, plant spirits, super foods, flower essences, doing yoga on a big green field, finding mushroom friends and eating a…

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Dessert Ebook update; Lime Pie, irish moss and a little cute swedish story about a meteor shower

Love for Lime is not a crime.
It's the essence of having a moment of pure pie…

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