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Nötfri dessert pizza!

Anyone up for dessert pizza? :)

See the recipe here.

Much love from

/Karolina Eleonóra~  …


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Chia Seed Cookie recipe

Hej! Prova de här mumsiga kakorna med smak av apelsin, kanel och aprikos! ..Och få en ursäkt att använda torkugnen :) Se receptet och klicka Like här.




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Open your Heart cake

Hej sötisar! Vill du ha receptet på denna skapelse så finner du det på bloggen.

Den har en kakbotten med smak av gammal klassisk kladdkaka och en smälter-i-munnen-hallonfyllning. 


Ha en toppenfin sista dag i mayakalendern i morgon, fredag ;)

Puss o kram!

/Karolina Eleonora

Love raw 



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Nut free Banana Split with a Fudge & Chocolate ice cream

See the recipe here:


Love and sweet things







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Peach Cobbler recipe!

Visit the blog for an amazing Cobbler recipe!

Love & Raw desserts





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Rawwwwwr Tiramisu!


Här kommer ett recept på en smaskig Tiramisu från min eBok, The Dessert Revolution. 

Ha en toppendag!





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Nut free Sesame Seed Cubes/Fudge

See the whole blogpost here:




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At last: Cloudberry Pannacotta

Ho, ho! Today the final dessert for the ebook was finished! A Cloudberry pannacotta (J just came to the computer and kidnapped the plate with them, saying "nom, nom, nom.") ^_^

He's been having his eyes on them ever since I made the batch a couple of days ago. Cloudberries are one of the most Swedish things I know. I even picture them on my wedding menue. I also love them in ice cream, that's why I made this pannacotta. You put the cones in the freezer to form and then you…


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Dessert eBook update: Stars and stripe Tiramisu and healing crisises

There is a beautiful winter day here. A serenity lies in the air. Something is going on behind the scenes, but I don't now what yet. I just sense that it's g o o d... It's like santa and all the gnomes is working overtime to create an abundance of... good stuff! I spent some time in the forest close to my home today. I was standing there taking some photos and I just felt like looking up in the sky. Over me flew 9 white swans in a line, they didn't make any noise, just some ultra light…


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Meta genetics & eBook update: Macaroons

Who are you? How does your genes affect your life? Do you know the people that have formed your genetical blue print? I found a photo of my grandmother the other day. That got me thinking. I am a manifestation of all the people in my kin, behind me in the line. So are you.… Fortsätt

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For glowing skin... More dessert eBook update

This is what the Purple Cheezecake looks like after some "artistic" impulses. It is full of skin-boosting ingredients.. To help winter-tired skin to retain it's glow again. But I do suspect that the veggie juices Im drinking now, full of beta carotene (vitamin A) is doing some heavy magic as well..… Fortsätt

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Spicy chocolate ginger cheezecake

The previous weekend I had a really old dream come true. I've been waiting for this 20 years or so.. And now, finally I can enjoy this glory! (Im a slow moover, like an ambushed reptile, patiently waiting for it's pray.. And then - Snatch!) I got myself a horse!...… Fortsätt

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Raw Cinnamon rolls

We've been capturing my parents house out in the countryside for a while now (I have been loosing track of the days, which indeed is a result of the nature taking over my mind... aaaah!) They are out traveling so we couldn't miss the opportunity to escape the city for a week of working, chilling and reconnecting. We still have sauna bathing on our… Fortsätt

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Fruit and chocolate breakfast recipes

Beloved Crew of the Mothership! Hi and good gorgeous morning ---<----<@

There's nothing like a good start of the day, and what could be a better start than of delicious healthy raw food? J got this chocolate mousse for breakfast this morning, I got myself two big cups of Yerba Mate tea, that awaken a tired head like nothing else... I drink it in…

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September orange treats

Halleluja dear ones.. For oranges. We love them, and soon comes the time when snuggling up with a cup of chai, enjoy some lit candles, and the scent of oranges fills the air. But still, summer is green and alive.…

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Dessert Ebook update; Lime Pie, irish moss and a little cute swedish story about a meteor shower

Love for Lime is not a crime.
It's the essence of having a moment of pure pie…

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God Torte, a cooling watermelon sipper and playing with energies!

Oh these warm, humid days are killing me slowly.. Im a "pita" due to Ayurveda so this weather drives me nuts. Can't get anything done, Im just drifting, taking slow walks, ending up in a swing in some children's playground, thinking of that Someone. Being in love is a full time job ;)… Fortsätt

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